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Brew Prices: 16 oz. slice: $3.50 • 22 oz. Big Slice: $4.50

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Current Seasonals • Ask Your Bartender!

No. 04 Downtown American Brown
5.2% ABV   11.7 IBU

Rich and flavorful brown ale with distinct nutty overtones.

Complements hearty dishes with meat and potatoes or stew.

No 12 German Hefeweizen
No. 12 German Hefeweizen
5.5% ABV   10.0 IBU
Germans began using one of their abundant resources—wheat—for brewing during the Middle Ages. Wheat made for a much lighter colored beer than the standard brews of the day, which is how it earned its name “weissbier” or “white beer”. Hefeweizen, a Southern German Weissbier, stands for “yeasty wheat”. Lb. Brewing Co.’s thirst-quenching version uses imported yeast and has a great taste with hints of bananas and cloves. On tap just in time to celebrate the harvest of one of Kansas’ most abundant crops.

No 42 Double IPA
No. 42 Double IPA
8.5% ABV   82.0 IBU
Similar to Lb.’s signature IPA, the bigger, bolder American-style Double IPA can travel twice the distance. With more hops and malt, this deep golden brew has a smooth, intense bitterness with well-balanced alcohol and hops flavors.

No. 60 German Rauchbier
No. 60 German Rauchbier
5.9% ABV   15.8 IBU

A dark, smokey German lager brewed with German beechwood, smoked barley, and German hops.

No 68 Ellis Co. Pale Ale
No. 68 Ellis Co. Pale Ale
6.7% ABV 36.0 IBU
American-Style strong pale ale brewed with Cascade and Amarillo hops.

Past Seasonals

No. 05 English Porter
No. 05 English Porter
5.9% ABV   21.0 IBU
Robust Porter Ale with toasty, dark chocolate malt flavors.

No 11 German Style Kolsch
No. 11 German-Style Kölsch
5.0% ABV   16.0 IBU
Light-bodied German ale, crisp taste, mild citrus undertones with light hoppiness. Finishes dry and clean.

No 13 Belgian Witbier
No. 13 Belgian Witbier
6.2% ABV
Combination of wheat, orange and coriander spices provides a distinctive but light and refreshing flavor.

No. 15 Oktoberfest Lager
No. 15 Oktoberfest Lager
5.6% ABV   15.5 IBU
An amber to reddish lager with a toasty malt character that is low to medium in hop flavor.

No. 16 Pumpkin Ale
No. 16 Pumpkin Ale
5.6% ABV
With over 60 lbs of pumpkin in the mash, this pale golden brew has a medium body and full pumpkin spice flavor.

No 17 Honey Brown
No. 17 Honey Brown
5.6% ABV
A twist on Lb.’s Downtown American Brown buzzing with distinct nutty overtones and a touch of honey to draw out the flavorful chocolate and caramel malts.

No 18 Winterfest Ale
No. 18 Winterfest Ale
11.0% ABV   28.0 IBU
Rich brown ale brewed with honey, brown sugar and hints of cinnamon and nutmeg resulting in a big, flavorful beer that goes down smooth with a wonderful nutty taste. Served in a traditional goblet, carefully selected by our award winning brewer to maximize the winter warmer's full aroma and flavor.

No. 19 American Special
8.0% ABV
A melting pot of flavors, this version of our American wheat has overtones of imported Czech hops and new specialty malts.

No. 20 Cherry Wheat
4.2% ABV
Not just for lovers anymore! This sweet version of our best selling wheat beer has a unique cherry twist for a brew you've got to try.

No 21 German Dunkelweizen
No. 21 German Dunkelweizen
4.2% ABV
Rich, dark version of the German Hefeweizen with a more complex taste involving hints of chocolate and dark malty sweetness.

No. 22 Lb. Light Lager
4.6% ABV
Lb.'s lightest beer is clean, crisp and lightly hopped. This beer holds true to the American light lager style without the million dollar image campaign.

No. 23 Street Time Cream Ale
4.2% ABV
A hybrid style of beer mixing ale and lager brewing techniques and ingredients. This slightly sweet, mild ale possesses a subtle character and light crisp body, making it the perfect beer to relax with.

No. 24 IPA (India Pale Ale)
6.2% ABV

This potent brew bursts with intense hop flavor and bitterness.

Pairs well with bolder foods.

No. 25 Anniversary Ale
5.2% ABV
Perfect for toasting any milestone, this floral beer is very light with a clean, dry finish.

No 26 Harvest Rye IPA
No. 26 Harvest Rye IPA
6.1% ABV 62.0 IBU
A red IPA brewed with rye malt, Chinook, and Amarillo hops.

No 27 Colonial Ale
No. 27 Colonial Ale
6.6% ABV
Brewed in celebration of our brewing forefathers Washington, Jefferson & Madison who all had their own breweries. Often ingredients for fermenting their brews could be hard to come by, which is why they used many different fermentables. In keeping with this technique, Lb.’s Colonial Ale is a unique blend of two-row barley, sweet potatoes, brown sugar, cinnamon & nutmeg. These flavorful spices combine with both U.S. and German Hallertauer hops for a result that you can truly be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

No 28 Christmas Ale
No. 28 Christmas Ale
7.0% ABV
An easy-drinking nut brown ale brewed with fermented honey and lightly spiced with cinnamon.This smooth, well-balanced beer finishes with the unique taste of spices.

No 29 Strawberry Wheat
No. 29 Strawberry Wheat
4.5% ABV
The sweet taste of strawberry and the crisp flavor of Lb. Brewing Co.’s wheat beer, such a well-balanced match some would say it was made in heaven.

No 30 Irish Red
No. 30 Irish Red
5.0% ABV  13.5 IBU
Brewed with roasted barley to achieve the dark amber color, Irish Red Ale has a malty, caramel taste, medium body and is less bitter than most beers.

No. 31 St. Patrick’s Green Ale
4.5% ABV
Enjoy an American tradition with a pint of our handcrafted Wheat Ale.

No 32 Maibock
No. 32 Maibock
7.5% ABV  15.0 IBU
Our pale golden springtime bock has a robust malt character and medium/full body. In German, “bock” means “goat” and since bocks generally have a high alcohol content it’s been said they have the charge of a goat… just the brew to get you ready for summer.

No. 33 Roggen Lite Ale
4.4% ABV
Light in color and in calories this thirst quenching, figure-friendly Ale finishes clean with an incredibly unique rye flavor.

No 34 Classic English Pale Ale
No. 34 Classic English Pale Ale
4.6% ABV
The medium to high flavor and aroma of natural, herbal hop character fill this medium-bodied Ale with a golden almost copper color.

No 36 Maple Wheat
No. 36 Maple Wheat
7.1% ABV  20.0 IBU
Potent and well-balanced, this deep golden Ale finishes smooth and dry after an initial sweetness.

No 37 Festivus Ale
No. 37 Festivus Ale
7.0% ABV
A big, easy-drinking Nut Brown Ale brewed with lots of fermented honey and lightly spiced with cinnamon. This smooth, well-balanced beer finishes with the unique taste of spices.

No 38 Frosty The Ale
No. 38 Frosty The Ale
4.5% ABV
A hybrid style of beer mixing ale and lager brewing techniques and ingredients. Slightly roasted, this mild ale possesses a subtle character and light crisp body.

No 39 Pete's Porter
No. 39 Pete's Porter
5.0% ABV
Slightly more hoppy with hints of more chocolate than Lb.’s original English Style Porter, this dark Porter has the same robust and toasty malt flavor.

No 40 Heartbreak Ale
No. 40 Heartbreak Ale
4.7% ABV
The sweet taste of chocolate fills this light and easy drinking Wheat Ale. Topped with chocolate shavings.

No 41 Heather Ale
No. 41 Heather Ale
5.5% ABV   4.0 IBU
Brewed with heather tips instead of hops, a practice that dates back to 2000 B.C., our Scottish Ale has a mild bitterness with floral overtones. A brew so legendary even William Wallace would be proud.

No 43 Flying Bison Rye
No. 43 Flying Bison Rye
5.3% ABV  9.0 IBU
Smooth and light, this ale has a moderate malty sweetness and unique rye flavor.

No 44 German Oktoberfest
No. 44 German Oktoberfest
5.1% ABV
Lagered (stored) for five months to round out the flavors of the German noble hops and yeast strain, the German Oktoberfest has a medium body, reddish golden color and a sweet, mild maltiness balanced by clean hop bitterness.

No 45 Red Rider Imperial Ale
No. 45 Red Rider
5.0% ABV   33.5 IBU
Loaded with cascade and dry centennial hops, the Red Rider’s intense hop character is balanced by alcohol flavors while the addition of various caramel malts create a deep red amber color.s

No 36 Maple Wheat
No. 46 Foreign Affair
6.6% ABV
With imported hops, malt and yeast strain from Britain, Lb.’s version of a British Extra Special Bitter (don’t worry it’s not really a bitter tasting beer) stays true to its session brew style with a moderate alcohol level and full flavor. Caramel-like nutty flavors from the malt, a woody flavor produced by the three varieties of British hops and a moderate level of hop bitterness accent this amber colored brew.

No. 47 Lb. Light
3.2% ABV  8.0 IBU

Comparable to commercial light beers in calories and carbs, imported German Noble hops and a German malt provide Lb. Light with a clean, crisp, fuller flavor. An ale with lager characteristics, Lb. Light is ideal for a relaxing time with friends and family.

Calories 163 per pint, Carbs 12.2

No. 48 Summer Fling
No. 48 Summer Fling
4.8% ABV   8.5 IBU
Crisp and refreshing, this ale brewed with thirst-quenching golding hops sets the tone for summer.

No. 49 Red Beard
No. 49 Red Beard
7.6% ABV
Loaded with enough citrusy American hops to get Red Beard through his voyages, the intense hop character is balanced by alcohol flavors while the addition of various caramel malts create a deep red amber color. This Imperial Red Ale’s full flavor, aroma and body make it a true treasure.

No. 50 Liberty Stout
No. 50 Liberty Stout
5.9% ABV   31.1 IBU

An award winning full-bodied American stout brewed with American hops. Lb.’s No. 50 is a big brew finishing with a nice dry, roasted flavor so great you’ll get your bell rung.

Gold Medal 2010
Great American Beer Festival® American-Style Stout Category

Gold Medal 2009
Great American Beer Festival® American-Style Stout Category

No 51 Belgian Light
No. 51 Belgian Light
4.8% ABV   10.0 IBU
Light Belgian ale with Saison characteristics and an earthy dry hopping of East Kent Golding hops that finishes light and clean.

No. 50 Liberty Stout
No. 52 Glidervizen
5.5% ABV
Like brewing, flying slope gliders is a craft our brewer enjoys. This south German style krystal weizen is a filtered wheat beer brewed in honor of slope glider enthusiasts from across the country who join to fly a variety of models during the annual Slope Fest at nearby Wilson Lake. Glidervizen¹s light bitterness, body and wheat notes allow its hints of clove and banana to soar, making it a refreshing choice to enjoy after a day of flying carefully crafted slope gliders.

No. 53 Honey Buzzed Wheat
No. 53 Honey Buzzed Wheat
4.5% ABV
Our clean, crisp award winning American Wheat enhanced with sweet honey.

No. 54 Paradise Stout
No. 54 Paradise Stout
6.5% ABV
Strong and dark, this medium bodied foreign style stout has a roasty flavor without the bitterness and an earthy aroma that will take you straight to paradise.

No. 56 Apple Apocalypse Cider
No. 56 Apple Apocolypse Cider
5.0% ABV
Traditional dry hard cider handcrafted with Kansas made all-natural apple cider for a crisp, sweet taste. Served in a 10 oz. goblet.

No. 57 Blackjack
No. 57 Blackjack
6.5% ABV   46.5 IBU

A robust American Style Black IPA brewed for drinkability with a smooth balance between the dark roasted malts and bitterness of the American hops.

No 59 Amber Lager
No. 59 Amber Lager
5.0% ABV   15.0 IBU
A medium-light bodied amber lager with hints of caramel and a complex yet balanced malt profile.

No. 62 Farmhouse Wheat Saison
No. 62 Farmhouse Wheat Saison
6.4% ABV   20.0 IBU

An unfiltered, light-bodied and pale golden Saison brewed with wheat. Belgian yeast and golding hops create delicate peppery and floral notes. Farmhouse Wheat Saison is a refreshing, complex summer ale perfect for hot, sunny days.

No. 63 Schwarzbier
No. 63 Schwarzbier
5.0% ABV   22.0 IBU

Schwarzbier or "black beer" in German is a crisp refrehing dark German lager. Schwarzbier is brewed with Pilsen malt and German noble hops that create a clean medium-light bodied beer.

No 64 Oak-Aged Christmas Ale
No. 64 Christmas Ale
7.8% ABV 22.0 IBU
A bold oak-aged Brown Ale brewed with honey and spices. Our classic Christmas Ale revisited.

No 65 Comet India Pale Lager
No. 65 Comet India Pale Lager
6.7% ABV 58.0 IBU
American-style India Pale Lager brewed with generous amounts of comet and centennial hops that create a refreshing grassy citrus hop flavor with a clean Lager finish.

No 66 American Golden Ale
No. 66 American Golden Ale
4.6% ABV 15.0 IBU
A clean, refreshing blonde ale with moderate maltiness and a touch of hops. Pairs well with lawn mowing, grilling, or hanging out at the lake.

No 67 Ivy League New England IPA
No. 67 Ivy League NE IPA
7.7% ABV 54.0 IBU
Hazy, New England-style IPA with a restrained bitterness and a juicy citrus hop flavor from Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops.

No 69 Berliner Weisse
No. 69 Berliner Weisse
3.4% ABV 5.0 IBU
German style sour ale. Fresh raspberry syrup available upon request.

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