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Award Winning • Non-Smoking • Sunday-Wednesday 11AM-10PM • Thursday-Saturday 11AM-12AM
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The Beginning
Our Building
The Name
Go Green
Historical Role
National Prohibition


The Boys

The migration of Volga-Germans on the heels of exiting frontiersmen resulted in a glorious mix of cultures reveling in the heartland’s abundant ingredients creating unique traditions signature to northwest Kansas.

Gella’s Diner & Lb. Brewing Co. draws its name from the community’s rich Volga German heritage. Gella is a Volga-German term meaning “you know” or “don’t you agree” and is often used at the end of a statement to ensure that the listener agrees.

Lb. Brewing Co. pays homage to the bygone days of the settlers where beer and bread sometimes played interchangeable roles. When in the field, workers couldn’t always stop to eat lunch. So, they drank it. Hence “Lb.” for “Liquid Bread”.

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